The Call of the Juggalope

Looks like I owe the Juggalo (and Juggalette) communities an apology. In a recent post I had characterized them as perhaps not the sharpest tools in the rock and roll toolbox, but it turns out they’re just a bunch of misunderstood ninjas experiencing clown love out in the woods. Derek Erdman attended the Gathering and put together the video below, which documents the Juggalos in their natural environment.

And if you just can’t get enough Juggalo-related yucks, check out Tom Scharpling’s Best Show on WFMU from July 21. The Best Show is halfway between a call-in show and improv comedy, and on this episode, Tom and his guest, Paul F. Tompkins, hilariously riff on the Gathering of Juggalos infomercial for nearly an hour. To say it’s funny does not do it justice. I am talking tears running down my face. Click here for the pop-up player. The Juggalo discussion begins at 1:26:55.

Then, the following week, Tom receives a call from a disgruntled Juggalo, and the laughs again flow like Faygo at the Gathering. Click here for the pop-up player. The Juggalo call comes in at 1:04:30.

Warning: As Juggalos cannot utter more than three words without cursing, this video has ample mature language.


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