Caught Me Some Spinal Tap

My Special Lady and I caught the Spinal Tap Unwigged & Unplugged reunion tour last weekend in Boston (holla out to all y’all phreaks in Wilbur Theater Balcony Row D — y’all know who you are!!). Technically it wasn’t a Spinal Tap renunion, it was just Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer getting together to play the songs they are so justly famous for on the 25th anniversary of This is Spinal Tap. At first I was disappointed that they weren’t in character, but as the evening wore on I saw that the format gave them a lot more freedom to do songs from all of their various cinematic incarnations: Spinal Tap, the Thamesmen, the Folksmen, the Originals, the New Originals, etc. etc.

One highlight was a psychedelic version of ‘Listen to the Flower People’ in which a lucky audience member was invited on-stage to experience the song in “Live 3D.” This consisted of her donning 3D glasses and then having the band members thrust their guitars at her throughout the song. Another found the three of them taking turns reading a long itemized list of suggested cuts that would be required in order for This is Spinal Tap to be shown on NBC. Fun stuff, and we managed to beat the Red Sox traffic out of the city by a hair. Below is fan-created video that they actually showed live during the show. I have to say that our audience was a lot livelier that this one, and we have articulated limbs.

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