Saw David Sedaris last night at UMASS. He was terribly genial — not that I expected a grumpy troll or anything, but he was exceedingly genial and just downright pleasant in all ways. He read two new pieces, one about the election of Barack Obama (specifically the prediction among Europeans that we’d never elect a black president), and another about an encounter with a live kookaburra on a trip to Australia. One of the evening’s biggest laughs came during the first piece, when Sedaris observed that maybe they were right and America would never elect a black president, but half the country did elect a half-black president.

Here he is doing a classic on Letterman.

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1 Response to Kookaburra

  1. p.t. dismal says:

    this shit is funnier on the radio. not very compelling teevee. just one crank’s opinion.


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