Dane Cook, Blood Sucking Wraith

Huffpo has a listing of their best April Fools Jokes of 2009, including this one:

— Actor/comedian Dane Cook announced on Twitter that he’ll be starring in the sequel to Twilight. “Damn excited 2 share a secret! I’m going 2 b in the new Twilight film! It’s a huge role.Im thrilled 2 b playing vampire! Cool news ain’t it?”

Get it? Dane Cook is, like, a huge comedian and a gifted actor and stuff. He would never ever star in a lame-o movie like Twilight. That is, like, the total opposite of something that a huge comedian and gifted actor like Dane Cook would do. Dane Cook does movies like Employee of the Month (Rotten Tomatoes rating: 21%) and Good Luck Chuck (Rotten Tomatoes rating: 3%). So the joke’s on you, people who follow Dane Cook’s Twitter stream.

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