The Further Adventures of Michele Bachmann, Currency Cop

Good Lord, how does this woman tie her shoes in the morning?

After Tuesday’s idiocy during the Geithner/Bernanke testimony on Capital Hill, Rep Michele Bachmann (R-MN) managed to top herself in the pointlessness sweepstakes when she introduced a resolution that would bar the United States from switching from the dollar to a global currency which doesn’t exist and which no one is suggesting we adopt.

TPM has the skinny:

This comes after Bachmann questioned Tim Geithner over China’s proposal to adopt a global currency — more accurately, an exchange unit made up of a basket of individual countries’ currencies — rather than relying on the dollar as a reserve currency. You might recall that Bachmann interpreted this to mean the United states could abandon the dollar.

So is Bachmann trying to legislate against other countries and the global economy adopting different exchange mechanisms or reserve currencies? The answer is no. “She’s talking about the United States,” Bachmann spokesperson Debbee Keller told Greg Sargent. “This legislation would ensure that the U.S. dollar remain the currency of the United States.”

Scott Horton at Harper’s also comments.


Update: This woman is the Energizer Bunny of crazy. TPM has details on her latest performance.

Update Two: The fun never stops. Today she was on Glenn Beck spouting a whole lotta crazy.

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7 Responses to The Further Adventures of Michele Bachmann, Currency Cop

  1. Wes says:

    Paragraph 19 of the G20 meeting. The IMF is going to regulate/oversee countries’ economies, the FFB is to regulate/oversee financial institutions, and the IMF wants to change its Fourth Amendment to use their SDR as a new currency.

    Look at the European Union. Started with a trade agreement, then the euro, now the Lisbon Treaty. How many more times do the world’s leaders need to mention “New World Order” and “globalization” and other similar terms for it to sink in?

    Besides, let’s say she’s wrong. Great! Wearing a tinfoil hat and being wrong is a lot better than not wearing one and being wrong.

    Question your government.

  2. Gee, Wes, and the euro’s just done so horribly since it was introduced. Oh, wait.

  3. Wes says:

    Whether it’s a good or bad thing is a different discussion, Phoenix Woman. My main point here is people calling her and others a nut because they think it can’t happen, when it already has happened on a smaller scale, and the IMF meeting inches it further on a global scale.

  4. Kamper says:

    Thanks for your comments, always appreciated.

    To me, the problem with Bachmann (or one of the problems) is that she seems to be misunderstanding the very issue she is responding to. China and the other countries mentioned are not switching to a “global currency,” they are considering using a currency other than the US dollar for their foreign reserves. They could use a single currency (probably Euros) or a basket of currencies or they may stick with the dollar.

    And even if such a global currency were being proposed, no one in any position of authority in the US govt has suggested adopting it.

    So the nut part is not that she is proposing that it could happen in the future, but that she is introducing actual, real legislation to deal not only with a threat that doesn’t exist but with one that doesn’t exist and wouldn’t be a threat if it did.

    The example of the Euro is telling as the UK opted to stick with the pound rather than going to the Euro. Other countries in the region (Norway, Switzerland) opted not to join the EU at all when it didn’t mesh with their national priorities.

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