When Journalists Attack

Over at Huffpo, S.D. Liddick goes off — and I mean really goes off — on another Huffpo journalist, Dahr Jamal, for this article, Iraq’s Teflon Don.

A random excerpt: “You hide behind political artifice to lob your mines of pre-conclusion, like a craven wretch. And really, I think that goes to the solid core of the dregs of the problem. You’re not a coward merely because you’re afraid to seek the truth when it might not conform to your views … rather your chickenshit views are shaped by the fact you’re a coward.”

He goes on to call him:

  • [an] ignorant cur
  • a sniveling coward and ankle-biter hiding preconceived intentions behind putative journalism, and
  • a craven obfuscationist

He really did not like that article. Not one bit. But, in the midst of the vitriol, he makes some pretty good points about how best to make use of our limited options in Iraq.

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