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The Saddest Little Lad at the Big Kids Party

Watch Angela Merkel especially. She enthusiastically shakes the hand of Chinese President Hu Jintao, who enters before Bush, and she shakes the hand of Brazilian President Luiz da Silva, who follows Bush, but she pointedly ignores Bush himself as he … Continue reading

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Obama Voters = Mentally Stupid

This one gets a bit convoluted, so apologies for that. A couple of days ago, there was an odd little piece of dross making the rounds regarding a poll that purported to show that Obama voters were pretty much morons. … Continue reading

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You Said It

Here’s Chuck Klosterman, using his review of Chinese Democracy (he give it an A-, by the way) to lament the End of the Album. For one thing, Chinese Democracy is (pretty much) the last Old Media album we’ll ever contemplate … Continue reading

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