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The Secrets of Stonehenge

The first excavation of Stonehenge in more than 40 years is revealing new secrets related to this often misunderstood prehistoric monument. What are some of these new discoveries? Hidden Secrets of Stonehenge The placement of the stones functions not only … Continue reading

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Grover Norquist Successfully Drowns Federal Government in Bathtub

Except he never told us he was going to drown it in debt. I don’t have much to say about the royal hosing we are about to receive courtesy of this bailout, except to quote my friend Mat, who said … Continue reading

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You Said It

Bill Maher on Sarah Palin: “Even with all of the economic news this week, I bet you if you put a gun to her head today and asked her what SEC was, she couldn’t tell you. Although she could probably … Continue reading

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Things That Have NOT Gone Wrong During the Bush Administration

In light of today’s massive bailout of our country’s crumbling financial system, it might behoove us to take a moment to look on the bright side. In that spirit, please take heart in this list of things that have not … Continue reading

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You Said It

“Sarah Palin was the mayor of a town in Alaska. (According to the 2000 census there were 32 black people there. The Wu-Tang Clan alone has almost a third as big a population of African-Americans as Wasilla.)” Outlaw Vern (from … Continue reading

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Have You Caught McCainamania?

Check out these photos from John McCain’s speech at the Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida on Monday, September 15 and tell me this country is not getting fired up about this electrifying campaign!! Photos: The Huffington Post For the … Continue reading

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Best. Dog. Ever.

Aggie Spring 1992 — September 17, 2008 Free Puppies sign in Brady Lake, Ohio. She was the first to come running, her paws up on her new owner’s knee, licking the air. Sweet natured from the first. Winter camping in … Continue reading

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