Suggestions from the McCain Campaign

In just the last 12 hours, the McCain campaign has suggested that Barack Obama suspend his campaign, that both campaigns cease running television ads, that the Presidential Debate Commission postpone the upcoming presidential debate scheduled for this Friday, and that the delayed presidential debate be rescheduled to take the place of the vice presidential debate scheduled for October 2.

Got all that?

But those aren’t the only changes that the McCain campaign is requesting. Below is the list of other recent requests.

  • That long distance calls to areas outside the continental United States be counted toward “foreign policy experience.”
  • That the vice presidential debate be replaced with an hour-long prime time special consisting of a series of pre-recorded inspirational vignettes highlighting important milestones in each candidate’s life story.
  • That reporter’s questions for vice presidential candidates be submitted in writing — skywriting, that is.
  • That campaign reporters from the New York Times be forced to dress in chicken suits to offset their pro-Obama biases.
  • That the election be decided by an applause-o-meter during halftime at the Superbowl, followed by a rousing set by country superstar Kenny Chesney.
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1 Response to Suggestions from the McCain Campaign

  1. Poppy says:

    I love the Superbowl one the best, hilarious!

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