Sales Guy vs. Web Dude

You know that condescending, socially awkward dude in your office? The one you need to go to whenever your computer crashes or freezes or won’t boot or keeps giving you error messages no matter how many times you hit Ctrl-Alt-Del? The one who’s always listening to They Might Be Giants or The Mars Volta and whose desk photos are of Boba Fett and whose jokes (if they even are jokes) you never get?

You know, the IT guy (or IT gal, in certain rare cases).

Would you like to know what he finds funny (other than those Gary Larson cartoons all over his cubicle walls)? Check out the video posted below.

You’ve got to take my word on this. As incomprehensible and borderline retarded as this short film may appear to quote unquote normal folks, it is pure comedy gold to IT people (and programmers, a subspecies), for whom it is packed to the rafters with in-jokes, sly nods, shout-outs, physical humor, etc. To these types, this thing is a regular laff riot.

Just check out this sample dialogue:
Sales guy: Hey, are you here in building 3?
Web dude: Yeah, I’m in building 3.
Sales guy: Well, why do I have to call an outside number to get to your desk?
Web dude: Look, I don’t want to get into an IP telephony conversation with you right now.
Sales guy: UP telephony? I pee urine! Ha! He totally fell for that one.
Web dude: That’s a good one.

So, to my IT friends, enjoy. For the rest of you, it actually gets pretty funny at around the 7:00 mark.

Here is the link if the embed won’t work.

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2 Responses to Sales Guy vs. Web Dude

  1. Boba Fet says:

    Dude, you can’t arrange them by penis!

  2. Robert Nagle says:

    That totally made my day. Thanks!

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