Please Make It Stop

President Bush met today with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of the Philippines.

What did he have to say? Well, here is his opening statement, straight from the White House’s own transcript.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Madam President, it is a pleasure to welcome you back to the Oval Office. We have just had a very constructive dialogue. First, I want to tell you how proud I am to be the President of a nation that — in which there’s a lot of Philippine-Americans. They love America and they love their heritage. And I reminded the President that I am reminded of the great talent of the — of our Philippine-Americans when I eat dinner at the White House. (Laughter.)


PRESIDENT BUSH: And the chef is a great person and a really good cook, by the way, Madam President.


Pure class, this guy. A man of the people. And such a smoov operator! But we all knew he had a special touch with the ladies.

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1 Response to Please Make It Stop

  1. Dave Champoux says:

    After he meets with someone, Bush so often gets away with saying, “We had an important discussion.” What the f does that ever mean? He so often sounds to me like a 6th grader doing a book report on a book he hasn’t actually read, so he pieces together what he can figure out from the book jacket.

    Have a good time at the show this weekend. Dave C.

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