Boy Meets Girl

The Weddings section of the New York Times is always something of a glimpse into La-La Land, but last week’s edition took a turn into the surreal.

Rebecca Wallison Hufferdine attacks married life as if she were in a scrum. Fortunately, her husband, Chris Hufferdine, knew exactly what was about to hit him after their wedding on July 24, 2004. She was a hard-charging Harvard-educated rugby player from a politically prominent Washington-area family.

So far so good.

After they married, each gave up playing for the New York Rugby Club, but they did not leave their competitive spirit on the field.


They have push-up contests. She wins. They play Scrabble. She wins.

No word on Connect Four. What about chess?

She refuses to play chess with him until she can win. “She’ll learn it in secret, then one day I will ask her to play and she’ll say ‘yes,’ ” and then trounce him, said Mr. Hufferdine, 31.

So it’s like that. Still, I’m sure it’s all quite harmonious.

Early in the marriage, they fought over directions virtually every time they sat in the car together. One night, their fighting was so intense that Mrs. Hufferdine, who was driving, told her husband to get out. He called her bluff. She drove off, leaving him by the side of the road.

What a heartwarming anecdote to share with the friendly reporter!

By the way, how’s that big renovation project going?

Mr. Hufferdine criticized his wife’s painting prowess. So, she handed him the brush and he painted the dining room five times before she deemed it acceptable. “I’m just the fellow shoveling the coal,” he said in a twinkly-eye sort of way.

I’m pretty sure that twinkle is the medication working.

Anyway, she can’t be that way with everyone.

How’s she get on with the in-laws?

Mrs. Hufferdine, who prefers a nice selection of sushi, was equally shocked at the five different meats, including bacon-wrapped sausages, that her mother-in-law served during a Christmas dinner. “I didn’t know you could put that much pork into one bite,” she said.

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2 Responses to Boy Meets Girl

  1. Victoria Sheffield van Holliwind says:

    They say three’s a charm and, it’s true, my third marriage is the most charming so far.

    I think our friend, Rebecca, hasn’t found Mr. Right yet. Hang in there, darling. Happiness will be yours some day.

    Sincerely, Victoria

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