The Inspirational Wisdom of Ashley Alexandra Dupré

Like all the rest of you (10,041,625 of you, to be exact), the Kamper will admit to checking out the MySpace page of the young lassie whose services were deemed by former New York governor Eliot Spitzer to be worth upwards of $4,000 per hour. But while you guys were trolling around looking for salacious photos, the Kamper was doing some detective work. Specifically, did you notice her motto, “what destroys me, strengthens me”?

I puzzled over this seemingly counter-intuitive bon-mot for a while before finally figuring it out. It’s obvious that this quote is a subtle reference to the ‘creative destruction’ economic theories of Joseph Schumpeter, or perhaps a sly reworking of Friedrich Nietzsche’s famous observation, “What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.” Either way, this gal is traveling in some elite intellectual circles — it’s clear that there’s more here than meets the eye.

Let the Kamper be the first to state what should be obvious to the rest of you by now: the meetings between Eliot and Ashley/Kirsten were not about sex at all! Don’t you see? She was advising him on economic issues! That’s why she cost four grand an hour. How much you think Alan Greenspan is charging these days?

When I wrote to Ashley to share this theory, she wrote back right away, relieved that someone had finally gotten it. By way of thanks, and as a means of sharing her wisdom with other aspiring singer/economist/hookers out there, Ashley has graciously agreed to share her favorite inspirational sayings with the readers of the Happy Valley News Hour.

Her message: “Oh my God! I am so excited to share this list with all of you!! I did it from memory, so I hope I got all of them right. Luv ya, Ash. XOXO”


Ashley Alexandra Dupré’s Absolute Favorite Inspirational Sayings

“I think, therefore I am. Sam I am.”
René Descartes (my favorite philosopher because he also uses an accent in his name!)

“Phil Specter is haunting the great capitals of Europe.”
Karl Marx

“Beauty is a beast, and truth beastly, that is all ye know of Earth, Wind & Fire.”
John Keats

“When the road split, I went the way less trafficked by. It made a big difference.”
Robert Frost

“God, grant me serenity now,
the courage to change things,
if I only had a brain.”

“Lie down with Snoop Dog, rise up with Flea.”
Ben Franklin

“Youth is wasted on the young. But old guys are still gross.”
George Bernard Shaw

“There’s no eye in teamwork.”

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