When Conservatives Make Funny

In theory, there’s no reason conservatives can’t be funny. After all, there are many left/liberal shibboleths in dire need of skewering, such as, “Birkenstock sandals sure look nice with black socks,” or “Walter Mondale would make a good president.” So why is it that every time conservatives try to make funny, it seems to turn out like this?

By the way, this is Episode 150 of this particular program. That’s right, there have been 150 episodes of this thing, and every one of them is exactly like this one.* Actually, that’s not quite true; Jodi Miller’s delivery has improved marginally over time, so what you’re seeing here is her A-game.

It may behoove us to don our CSI (Comedy Scene Investigation) hats to examine this corpse in hopes of answering the question, What Killed the Funny?

The culprits:

1. the leaden setup;
2. the awkward, “wait-for-this” pause that telegraphs every punchline;
3. the punchlines themselves, which have all the earmarks of jokes except for the part where they’re funny;
4. the self-congratulatory mugging after every joke; or
5. the excruciating canned laughter

The answer, of course, is all of the above, but there’s more stinking up this clip than just tone-deaf writing, ham-handed delivery, and a laugh track permanently set to ‘bray.’ Newsbusters, it turns out, is funded by the Media Research Center, a right-wing media watchdog group, and its mission, as stated on its website, is to “document and counter liberal bias from television network news shows and major print publications.”

Not an agenda that’s likely to yield comedy gold — which is why the result has all the levity of a Soviet-bloc news broadcast.

Afficionados of conservative comedy may remember the short-lived Half Hour Comedy Hour, which was Fox News’ attempt to do a conservative version Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert. How’d that work out? See for yourself.

Mommy, why does that mean man hate comedy?


* based on a random sampling. I did not actually watch all 150 episodes. There are limits to how much punishment the Kamper can take, even in the name of comedy research.

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