Happy Valley Hoedown with The Fleshtones

Let the Kamper be perfectly clear, so there can be no misunderstanding: The Fleshtones are the funnest live band you will ever see.

I know whereof I speak, as I have partaken of my share of fun bands. So it is with great authority and supreme confidence that I again proclaim: The Fleshtones are the funnest live band you will ever see.

Oh really? you ask. What about the B-52s?

While concurring wholeheartedly that the B-52s are a heck of a lot of fun, I hereby assert that the Fleshtones are even funner.

Okay, you may say, but what about those wacky Go-Gos?

Sure, those gals were fun (especially back when Belinda was still chubby), but the Fleshtones are funner still.

Devo? Fun. Fleshtones = funner.

Don’t know the Fleshtones? Well, let’s see, they’re from Hitsburg, New York, they’ve got a song called “Shiney Hiney,” and they play their own patented brand of Superock, which they’ve been doing since 1976!

Just check ’em out here, ripping up the Kamper’s fave tune.

So ask yourself a question. Are you ready for some Superock?

___ Yes! Sign me up for some Superock with the Fleshtones!

___ No. I prefer my current Superock-less existence, dismal as it may be.



Yeah! Supreme greetings to you, fun-seeking Superock fan! The Kamper has some good news for you, because the Fleshtones are on tour as we speak!! (Actually, the B-52s and the Go-Gos are also on tour right now. What year is this, 1982?)

The Fleshtones will be at Cafe Nine in New Haven, Connecticut on March 6 and at Harper’s Ferry in Boston on March 7. Haven’t decided yet which show I’ll be attending. Other upcoming gigs include Providence, RI; Baton Rouge, LA; San Antonio, TX; Austin, TX; Houston, TX; New Orleans; Buffalo, NY; Cleveland, OH (my hometown); Columbus, OH; and Rochester, NY. Then the ‘Tones jet off for their European tour.

So if you live near any of those towns and you like to have fun, you know what to do! (Hint: see the Fleshtones.)



Oh, hello there non-fun-loving person. Perhaps this music is more to your liking.

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