Least Likely Musical Biopics

Saw the new biopic Control, which tells the story of Ian Curtis, singer of the British band Joy Division (see my review here). It got the Kamper mulling over what other bands of that era may be deserving of a full on musical biopic.

(Props to Dan, Mat and Susan for their suggestions.)

Least Likely Musical Biopics, 2007

Hey Mickey: The Toni Basil Saga

Ssss-Aaaa-Ffff-Eeee-Tttt-Yyyy: The Men Without Hats Story

Too Shy? The Incredible True Story of Kajagoogoo

So Far Away: A Glimpse into the World of A Flock of Seagulls

The Tin Machine Era – Feel the Excitement of Mid-Period Bowie!

Back on my Feet Again: The Inspiring True Story of The Babys

Whose Sharona? Meet The Knack All Over Again

In the Name of Love: Meet the Thompson Twins

Lawnchairs ARE Everywhere: The Prophetic Vision of Our Daughter’s Wedding

The Hüsker Dü Story: Grant Hart is a Junkie (Bob Mould Authorized Version)

The Hüsker Dü Story: Bob Mould is an Asshole (Grant Hart Authorized Version)

The Hüsker Dü Story: Please, Please, Just Get Me Out of this Band (Greg Norton Authorized Version)

Glitter: A Vanity Project for Mariah Carey


Join the Fun! Post your suggestions in the comments.

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3 Responses to Least Likely Musical Biopics

  1. pt dismal says:

    Wake Me Up When This Is Over: The Story of Wham!

  2. mat says:

    Frankie Goes to Hollywood Goes to Hollywood

  3. Mat, can’t believe I didn’t think of Frankie! As for Wham! my money is on a bona fide, real world George Michael biopic in the not-so-distant (dystopian) future.

    How about
    Girls on Film: the Untold Story of Duran Duran

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