Revirgin Redeflowered

Martha Winkel, a University of Massachusetts sophomore who had pledged in April to ‘revirgin’ herself by living a life of abstinence until marriage, was redeflowered on Saturday night, Happy Valley News Hour has learned. Ms. Winkel made the abstinence pledge at a True Love Waits rally on the UMASS campus in April, while the redeflowering occurred in her dorm room after an end-of-the-term Fellowship Party at the Young Campus Christians Club. The redeflowerer, UMASS junior Todd Gitlik, was himself a self-identified revirgin, making the act of copulation a rare double redeflowering. Ms. Winkel’s original virginity was taken in 2004. Upon waking on Sunday morning, both Ms. Winkel and Mr. Gitlik pledged to re-revirgin themselves, which is expected to last until the Fourth of July weekend, when Mr. Gitlik is scheduled to visit Ms. Winkel at her family’s home in Pennsylvania.

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11 Responses to Revirgin Redeflowered

  1. Boctaoe says:

    I wonder if Hallmarks has a card for all that?

  2. Robert says:

    I’m in my fourties and I can recall some silliness about women losing their “virginity” riding horses… Ah, the good old days.

  3. Garry Hills says:

    They really do know how to do it, so to speak, in the good Commonwealth of Massachusetts!

  4. Daniel says:

    It appears that it’s not only a rare double deflowering, it’s also evolution at work. This might be the first ever recorded observation of a double redeflowering.

  5. Dan says:

    I hope they stop at 13 because anything beyond that is unlucky!!!

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