Amherst Middle School Gender Sensitivity Program to Require Girls Pee Standing Up

Adiminstrators at Amherst Middle School have adopted a new Gender Sensitivity Program that will require girls pee standing up. According to Gertrude Halstead, the Hadley-based clinical psychologist who designed the program, the goal of the project is to raise gender awareness among girls. “Despite years of re-education efforts,” Ms. Halstead said, “many girls today remain woefully ignorant of the biological inconveniences faced every day by this nation’s 150 million boys and men.” Halstead insists that the program will have real world benefits for girls throughout their lives by making them more sensitive to the limitations of this historically disenfrachised group. “It is simply not in the genetic makeup of boys to remember to put the seat down,” Halstead said, “so expecting them to do so is actually a pernicious form of cultural disempowerment.” In a related program, girls will be discouraged from speaking to their fathers when they are trying to read the newspaper.

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3 Responses to Amherst Middle School Gender Sensitivity Program to Require Girls Pee Standing Up

  1. crystal says:

    maybe you should consider men or boys sitting and seems to me that men dont appreciate the women in todays world..and you want us to be more inline with men…hahaha you are crazy, men make this world.. us women have to do our best and bust some asses and bra’s to be what we wnat to be.. now you are trying to make us more like them men…are you intellegent or brain dead?!

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  3. downstreamer says:

    Irony is dead, man. Kamper, I wet my pants laughing!

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