Taco Night Confirmed

Early reports that tonight might be Taco Night have been officially confirmed. Taco Night, Taco Night, tonight is gonna be Taco Night. What I say? Taco Night.

Hopes for Taco Night were kindled over breakfast when an otherwise routine discussion about potential dinner menus first introduced the suggestion that perhaps tonight we could have Taco Night. However, these fledgling hopes were cruelly dashed in the early afternoon when logistical problems arose with the Taco Night supply chain. Specifically, it was revealed that an integral player in the planning and execution of Taco Night would be unable to make it to the grocery store. At that time, it was suggested that Taco Night be postponed and that pizza or perhaps leftover 3-bean soup be substituted instead.

But in a startling late afternoon development, highly placed administration sources indicated that the necessary shopping had been “squeezed in,” and that Taco Night was on. Even with this confirmation, some potential Taco Night participants refused to get their hopes up until all of the necessary components — ground beef, packet of taco seasoning mix, sour cream, shredded cheese, tomato, lettuce, taco sauce (Mexican style, medium) and of course taco shells — had been gathered on the kitchen counter, to the right of the sink. Taco Night is expected to commence at approximately 6:00 pm (EST) with the ceremonial shredding of the lettuce and chopping of the tomato. Tacos will be served beginning at 6:15 on a serve-yourself basis.

To recap: It’s Taco Night.

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4 Responses to Taco Night Confirmed

  1. Bruiser says:

    What about the guac? You can’t have tacos without the guacamole. And do you realise that by eating a taco, you’re just becoming more corn-like? Yeah, that guy Michael “Botany of Desire” Pollan has the goods:

    “Descendants of the Maya living in Mexico still sometimes refer to themselves as “the corn people.” The phrase is not intended as a metaphor. Rather, it’s meant to acknowledge their abiding dependence on this miraculous grass, the staple of their diet for almost nine thousand years. Forty percent of the calories a Mexican eats in a day comes directly from corn, most of it in the form of tortillas. So when a Mexican says “I am maize” or “corn walking,” it is simply a statement of fact: The very substance of the Mexican’s body is to a considerable extent a manifestation of this plant.

    Researchers who have compared the isotopes in the flesh or hair of North Americans to those in the same tissues of Mexicans report that it is now we in the North who are the true people of corn. “When you look at the isotope ratios,” Todd Dawson, a Berkeley biologist who’s done this sort of research, told me, “we North Americans look like corn chips with legs.” Compared to us, Mexicans today consume a far more varied carbon diet: the animals they eat still eat grass (until recently, Mexicans regarded feeding corn to livestock as a sacrilege); much of their protein comes from legumes; and they still sweeten their beverages with cane sugar.

    So that’s us: processed corn, walking.”

    So, um…where do I show up for my taco?

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