Greetings from the Happy Valley!

Allow me to speak seriously for a moment. When beginning a new venture, in this case a humorous web log — or “blog” if you will — it behooves one to say a little bit about the origins of said venture. The Creation Myth, if you will.

The Happy Valley News Hour was born way back in January 2007, when a certain someone who happens to be Very High Up at Amherst Community Television (i.e., a “player”) suggested to another certain someone the following: “How about you do a version of The Daily Show meets The Onion, only for the Pioneer Valley and with no budget or experience? It’ll be hilarious.”

So we did, and the result is currently burning up the airwaves over at ACTV. Well, actually, here it is three months later and we’re only just finishing shooting the first episode, but we generated an awful lot of yuckity-yucks in doing so, so we decided to start this here blog as an outlet for all that pent-up funny. You try to keep funny like that all bottled up inside and it’ll surely cause cramping, bloating and serious general discomfort.

So let me present the virtual version of Happy Valley News Hour, our cyber-riffic take on the events of the day here in the Pioneer Valley. Using the only tools we have at our disposal — razor sharp wit, scathing bon mots, biting caricature, ribald burlesque, vicious lampooning, no-holds-barred satire, industrial-strength irony and (if needed) a liberal dose of potty humor — we aim to stick it to The Man on a daily or at least semi-weekly basis. Our goal is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. (Actually, the afflicted are pretty much on their own.)

For the benefit of our out-of-state readers (and for fellow Massachusetts readers who happen to be east of, say, Worcester), the Happy Valley AKA the Pioneer Valley AKA the Connecticut River Valley is a verdant floodplain located in Western Massachusetts. For our current satirical purposes, we are mainly talking about Hampshire and Franklin Counties (and especially the towns of Amherst, Northampton, Hadley, etc.), though we also reserve the right to poke fun at Berkshire and Hampden Counties if they get too uppity. So consider yourselves warned, Berkshire and Hampden Counties!

This region is also called the Five College area due to the presence of Amherst College, Smith College, Mount Holyoke College and Hampshire College, as well as the University of Massachusetts. As such, we here in the Valley are graced with the presence of thousands of college students, who bring to this vibrant community their enthusiasm, their energy, their chlamydia and their weed.

In closing, welcome to our blog, and to our Valley. Just please don’t move here.

Signed, the Happy Camper



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2 Responses to Greetings from the Happy Valley!

  1. Juanita Brown says:

    Though I reside slightly west of Amherst (Minnesota to be exact) I found your blog to filled with hijinx and hilarity. Being one who does not wish to become “bound-up” I plan to visit regularly.

  2. PocketCT says:

    Thanks for mixing up the all too credible valley life and unbelievable to the point where there are tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.


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